The activities at the Pocket started in the spring and summer of 2014 with a series of workshops with young Slovenian actors.



During our opening summer, the Catalonian company Zero en Conducta –Julieta Gascón and Putxa– had a short creative residence on our space in order to rehearse their next show and to offer a workshop on contemporary pantomime and a show of table theatre at the Pocket.




First full production: “Something in the Basement”, by Don Nigro, with Pia Prezelj and Carlos Pascual. Winter 2015.




Andraž Polič offered the first intimate concert in the winter of 2015 followed by Janja Majzelj and band in the Spring of the same year.




On May, 2015, Nena Močnik brought her mixture of stage arts and social research with his piece Konzervirano.



On May, 2015, Daniel Škufca directed Robert Korošec in Hamlet-monodrama, the first co-production of the Pocket Teater Studio with a young Slovenian director. The piece was later selected to be part of the Slovenian National Theatre (SNG-Drama) repertoire.



In June, 2015, Pia Prezelj and Bernarda Kristan produced a show in which they also performed: Dolores, by Edward Allan Baker.



In the summer of 2015, Miguel Mesa and Mauricio Valdés presented a sound and physical installation with the material they gathered around the Balkans looking for popular benedictions and maledictions.



In November, 2015, we had a residency-visit form a series of dancers and artists from Australia, Singapore and England who conducted a workshops a workshop with asylum seekers in Ljubljana. The result of the workshop was shown to the public at the studio.



In December, 2015, the Pocket Teaser Studio presented, with the support of the Mexican Embassy in Viena, a tryptic of recent Mexican film productions.



In April 2016, the Maurín Sánchez duo offered a couple of breathtaking acoustic tango concerts.


Suzana A.jpg

In the spring of 2016, Petra Govc, Daša Doberšek and Jure Kopušar started rehearsals on a text by Marguerite Duras, translated by Diana Koloini, with dramaturgy by Mojca Medvedšek and Petra Govc and a coproduction of Petra Govc, Mojca Medvedšek and the Pocket Teaser Studio. Suzana A, premiered on June 13 that year.



On October 2016, the Slovenian band Boring couple offered two overflowed intimate concerts at the PTS.



In November 2016, the Trabuko Kolektiv started works with the PTS as its home, preparing a series of 4 shows that were presented in Vodnikova Domačija, in Ljubljana, during the winter and spring 2016-2017.



On January 2017, Noemi Veberič Levovnik presented in the PTS, alongside Gregor Kamnikar, her performance Shades of Blood.