Theater Shows


The Pocket Teater Studio was specifically build to host intimate theatre productions. Since 2014 we have produced, hosted and co-produced theatre plays that have been betting more in the performance of the actor than in the design of the production.

The venue holds ideally 1 to 3 actors productions with minimal stage design and production.




Acoustic Concerts


Although built for theatre, The Pocket Teater Studio has proven to be a great venue for acoustic concerts. The PTSĀ has proven to be a great venue to allow an intimate communication between musicians and audiences, where the noises that are normally hidden in larger spaces, here become part of the dialogue, like the slightest noise of a finger running through a chord or the almost uncanny noises of a trumpet player while producing her or his music.





The Pocket Teater Studio is an ideal place to offer workshops for up to 10 people. Although built for theatre, the PTS could be used for all kind of workshops, including dance, traditional dances, yoga and all kinds of disciplines.

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